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Must See Design Trends for 2022

There are some design trends for 2022 that are making their way into the interiors of homes across the country. These trends include Art Deco and 1920s-style decor and Hollywood Regency style, as well as sculptural lighting and black accent pieces and hardware.


Maximalism is one of the most interesting trends in the design world. It is a style that is all about self expression and using your home as a personal museum of your hobbies and interests.

The key to making a room look maximalist is to get a balance of features and textures. You can achieve this by layering decor.

This isn’t always easy to do. A common mistake is cluttering the space with too many features. Using a focal point can help make a room appear less cluttered.

There is also an emphasis on pattern and texture. Adding a wallpaper mural can add character to your space.

Holographic design

Holographic design has become a graphic design trend for 2019. This type of design is the result of special printing techniques, optical illusions, and special printing processes. It uses bright colors and pastel accents to create images that are three-dimensional.

These designs can be used for digital or print applications. They are highly reflective and add a futuristic touch to any project. In fact, holograms can be used to attract attention for events.

Holograms are a fascinating effect. They can be used for event branding and product packaging. They are particularly effective when aiming at a younger audience.

Psychedelic 1960s inspired design

Psychedelic art is a style of graphic design that originated in the 1960s. It is a trend that will continue to be popular in the twenty-first century, with graphic designers using geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and a carefree spirit in their work.

Psychedelic design is inspired by the hippie movement that took place in San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was a counterculture movement that raged against the military industrial complex and capitalism. It featured bold, psychedelic colors, optical illusions, and artistic doodles.

Psychedelic design is used in advertising, packaging, and product labels. Using the style can enliven your logo, branding, or ad campaign.

Art Deco, 1920s-style decor and Hollywood Regency style are making a comeback

A classic home design style from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, Hollywood Regency is a throwback to another era, but with modern updates. The era began in the 1930s, and was the result of Hollywood’s Golden Age, when silver screen glamour was king.

When you think about Hollywood Regency, you probably envision glamorous interiors, with large rooms, high ceilings, extravagant furniture and luxurious finishes. These were the things that major movie stars of the day had in their homes.

Hollywood luxury became a trend for years. In the 1930s, film set designers built over-the-top dream interiors for the silver screen. They wanted to add star power and opulence to their films, and the result was Hollywood Regency.

Black accent pieces and hardware

For home decor lovers, 2022 is the year to invest in black hardware and accent pieces. These items add a bit of depth to a space and can be used to highlight key areas of a room. The most impressive thing about this trend is that it is a cheap and cheerful way to give your space a boost.

One of the most exciting interior design trends to look out for in 2022 is the return of the herringbone flooring trend. This classic flooring pattern is not limited to the kitchen, but will adorn your foyer and living room.

Sculptural lighting

Sculptural lighting is a modern take on traditional sources of light. It can be both functional and playful.

Typically, sculptural lighting is used to accentuate the beauty of a room. However, it is also a great way to add personal character to a space. The unique design and craftsmanship of these pieces make them special.

You can find sculptural lighting in just about every room of your home. For example, you can use a table lamp in your kitchen to accent a favorite chair or coffee table. Or, you can place one next to your walk-in closet or armchair.

Outdoor furniture and decor will be elevated to a whole new level

In the spring of 2022, manufacturers debuted a number of new outdoor furniture collections at the High Point Market in North Carolina. They showed designs that combined materials and textures, creating a unique look for outdoor living spaces. Many of these products are coming to online stores soon.

Some of the most striking trends at the market include sculptural silhouettes, exaggerated forms, and natural touches. These themes are sure to make their way into the home in the years to come.

For instance, the new Poltrona Frau Secret Garden collection features teak frames and upholstered cushions. This collection is one of several new collections on display in JANUS et Cie showrooms this spring.

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